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Leigh Visual Imaging Solutions has been in the imaging and communication business since 1945. At that time original owner and founder Francis “Fran” Leigh started a small professional photography studio called Leigh Photographs in downtown TrentonFran worked to cultivate a company that placed a high value on quality and professionalism. During his tenure, he worked for such companies as AT&T, Time Magazine, Lenox China and more. Leigh Photographs operated in Trenton until 1980 when the company moved to its current Princeton Junction location. In 1999, Fran sold the company to the Director of Operations Peter Dawson, who has owned the company since.

Leigh has undergone several name changes as we’ve adapted to the technology that surrounds our business. Leigh even began working with digital photography in 1981, far earlier than many were willing to admit that digital imagery was not just a fad. The most recent name change brought the company from Leigh Photo & Imaging to Leigh Visual Imaging Solutions. The reason for the change was the adoption of a new list of services. In 2009, Leigh began venturing into the large format digital printing industry. This recent change has allowed us to open up to a whole new world of business, including the production of all kinds of options from fine art printing to banners to commercial signage.

Don’t worry, we still do professional photography. We at Leigh seek to provide the best quality photography and printing services available.

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